Saturday, June 30, 2012

AgriGold INDIA - Delivering High Excellence Dairy Products Globally

Agri Gold promotes trends in developing Farm house lands and Agri farm lands will give prosperity, contentment and happiness. It’s where the dreams of a common man are transformed into reality.

Agriculture has become a primary sector in countries like India. It has also become an important economic growth upholder as 70% of country’s population is employed in this sector. Agri Gold has its strong foundation of stable growth based on the 'System of Agriculture and Agri Business’ which has become one of its core business systems to achieve its vision.

 Milk is Mother Nature’s gift to nurture life on earth, serve by doting mothers on their babies.
Milk and Milk Products, another key industry of AgriGold, are processed on the most advanced machinery.
The process of transferring milk from the udder to the plant is fully mechanised. The Dairy farm at Keesara Village, Krishna Dist., has the technology transferred from the DeLaval, a well known Swedish Company, for milking the animals. Efforts are to source the appropriate technologies to process milk and other dairy products for value addition. 

To meet market demand, Amruthavarshini has a wide network for collecting milk from farmers of surrounding villages and storing at regional chilling cum storing units, and then transporting the milk to the main processing plants at Keesara.

Delivery of Purity’ is the company’s motto.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Agri Gold Dairy

Agri Gold Dairy - INDIA

Milk, the nectar of Mother Nature which nurtures the life of the beings on earth and a matchless love showered by the mothers on their babies.

The processing of Milk and Milk Products another important industry of Agri Gold, are processed on the most advanced machinery.